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Over its almost one decade of interacting with millions of men across the entire globe, MenWith has accumulated a deep understanding of the male perspective. MenWith presents a new range of skincare and haircare products fully adapted to male conditions.

The range will initially encompass four products; Face Wash, Face Moisturizer, Shower gel and Shampoo. Listening to MenWith’s followers and friends it became clear that men many times settle for products unfit for the male skin and hair. For example, men rarely need to wash away makeup, but regularly need to care for newly shaven skin as well as moisturizing both skin and beard.

The products are mild enough for daily use yet providing the right minerals, moisturizing effects and protective components to be effective. The freshness of fragrances like pine, rose, ciste labdanum, balsam fir and hints of cedarwood and amber musk add to the product’s beneficial experience.

The products contain only vegan ingredients and the packaging is made from sustainably sourced sugar cane being recyclable.

Co-founders Team

For the modern man, taking care of one’s appearance and wellbeing is something they do every day. These products cater to these men’s need for products specifically designed to the male conditions. We think there is a wide open window of opportunity in offering high quality, vegan and sustainable skin and hair products that are reasonably priced.

— Daniel Frank, Erik Simmingsköld & Joakim Aveholt – Founders of MenWith Skincare

History of MenWith

MenWith started as lifestyle curator online almost one decade ago and has now grown to become an eco-system of platforms and products inspiring millions every day. The MenWith collective’s vision is to curate lifestyle, and its ideals and sentiments, sharing it with our followers and growing by lifting them every day. MenWith has today more than 12 million followers with the biggest accounts @menwithclass and @menwithstreetstyle boasting 5,4 million and 3,9 million followers respectively.

MenWith, headquartered in Sweden, is privately owned by Daniel Frank, Erik Simmingsköld and Joakim Aveholt.


MenWith Skincare: www.menwithskincare.com

MenWith web site: www.menwith.co

MenWithClass Instagram: @menwithclass

MenWithStreetstyle Instagram: @menwithstreetstyle

MenWithSkincare Instagram: @menwithskincare

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